Gold Beach City Parks

There are three parks within the jurisdiction of the City of Gold Beach Public Works Department under the direction of Superintendent Ryan Baxter:

Buffington Park, located at 94255 Caughell Street. Buffington Park is the home of the “Kid Castle” and The Georgia Fromm Baseball Field. Also available for public use are tennis courts, a basketball court and playground equipment for the small children.

The Pocket Park is located at 29842 Ellensburg Avenue. It is a parking lot with a sitting area that surrounds a small fountain and flowerbeds.

South Beach Park is the home of the City of Gold Beach Visitor Center. It is located at 94080 Shirley Lane. There are public restrooms, beach access and RV parking available for the public. A professional staff provides detailed information about our beautiful area.

The City of Gold Beach does not employ any full-time employees specifically dedicated to Parks operation and maintenance. Buffington Park maintenance is provided by contract. The revenue source for the Parks Department is derived from the city’s general fund.