Anthony Vieira

Born and raised in a small town in the foothills, I moved to the big city of Gold Beach in 2010 after graduating high school. After studying Chemistry and Business at Oregon State University, I began working at the Gold Beach Visitor Center at the end of 2017 and soon after began working in the front office of the City of Gold Beach until 2021. Now I develop investment properties to create housing that is closer to the affordable level we need.

The biggest and best decision I made in that time was to join Gold Beach Fire. After 5 years of volunteering in that capacity, I felt I could and should do more. Now I hope to push our City to be the best Gold Beach it can be while maintaining some of the most important aspects that make it the place we all love.

 My time is always available, and I look forward to hearing and meeting folks, whether out on the town or at the grocery store.


Council Position #5